Leon County Sheriff's Office
Annual Bass Fishing Tournament

Williams Landing, Lake Talquin
Saturday, May 20th 2006

All Proceeds went help support Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch.  There was a new record turnout with 111 Boats.  Sheriff Larry Campbell said approx. $50,000 was raise to help support the Youth Ranch and a big thanks to all the anglers and sponsors that made this possible.  If I had a list of the sponsors I would list them.  But let me tell you there was $17,000 of prizes given away after the tournament donated by these sponsors!
1st Place - Rob & Carey Lawhon - 27.14 lbs
2nd Place - Clint & Kimbrel Brown - 25.7 lbs
3rd Place - Daniel Boyd / Brantly Norris - 21.1 lbs
4th Place - Pam Munroe / Mercia Brown - 20.4 lbs
5th Place - Jerry Kelly / Ira Forhand - 18.15 lbs
6th Place - Andy Roberts / Al Claghorn - 18.9 lbs
7th Place - Bobby Kimbro / George Galloway - 16.10 lbs
8th Place - Andy Japp / James Marschka - 15.9 lbs
9th Place - Paul & Lyn Love - 15.8 lbs
10th Place - Titus & Randall Langston - 15.7 lbs

Lunker - Pam Munroe / Mercia Brown - 8.3 Lbs
1st Place - $2,000
2nd Place - $800
3rd Place - $700
4th Place - $600
5th Place - $500
6th Place - $450
7th Place - $350
8th Place - $250
9th Place - $200
10th Place - $150

LUNKER - $1,000
Carey & Rob Lawhon with their 1st Place stringer, with a little help from weigh master David Mock.
Clint & Kimbrel Brown with their 2nd Place stringer
The 3rd place team of Daniel Boyd / Brantly Norris with a 7 pounder.
These ladies open up a can of (you know what) on 107 other teams to take 4th Place!  And had Big Bass of the tournament as well.
Here's Andy Roberts with a couple of 5 pounders that helped his team take 6th place.
Bobby Kimbico / George Galloway also with a couple of big ones.
Leon Co. Sheriff, Larry Campbell, passing out the money.
I wonder who's this is?
Good people, good food and a nice breeze under the tree's, made for a very comfortable weigh-in.
Some local dealers had brought some of there inventory for everyone to see.
David Mock and wife Terry.  Terry is behind the scene keeping everything under control.
A well deserved break at the end of the day for some of Leon Counties finest.
There was even something for the kids.
111 teams waiting for safe daylight.
This was a very well ran and organized tournament.
Cudo's to all who made it this way!  Looking forward to next year!

If I made any mistakes on people's names please let me know.