These are the Top 2 from each State that will move on to The Bass Federation National Championship sometime next year and only one of these guys will move on to the FLW Championship. 
2006 Southern Divisional Championship Winning Team - Alabama
2006 Southern Divisional Championship 2nd Place Team - North Carolina
2006 Southern Divisional Championship 3rd Place Team - Tennessee
Here's a good looking Florida Team
top - Jerry Shawver, Bradley Johns, Ray Trudeau, Doug Gary, Skip Elliott
middle - Rocky Bridges, David Glenn, Wayne Black, Nobel Willits, Leon Roy, Bobby Smith, Todd Mowery, Bob Kostrzewa
bottom - Allen Courtney, John Brown, Tom Walsh

note: Tom Walsh lead the Florida Team after day 1 & day 2, but on the 3rd day the Bass did not cooporate.
On day 3, Jerry Shawver turned his spot over to alternate, Skip Elliott who brought in a nice 9 pound limit.
The alternate is their in case something happens and one of the team members can't fish, he will step in. Jerry
stated that he was not on any decent fish and would be more than happy to let Skip fish the final day in his place.
Skip had been there for several days, just like the rest of us, waiting to help if called upon.  That's tough just hanging out
waiting for something to happen, but hoping it doesn't.  (or was he hoping it did?)  ha ha.

Bob Kostrzewa, President of Fl Bass Federation and Doug Gary, Tournament Director of Fl Bass Federation will be stepping down after this tournament.  They both have put in several years of service to the Fl Bass Federation.  These two gentelmen always went beyond what was expected of them.  For example, this tournament one of our team members boat was not running right, so Doug Gary, loaned him his boat for the 1st day of the tournament.  Doug took his boat, drove 100 miles to the nearest shop waited 3 hours while they were working on it and then on the way back a rock broke his windshield and a tropper decided he was going a little to fast.  I know I speak for the Team when I say thanks for all that you guy's have done.  Mick Ratcliff will be taking over the President position and I'm not sure of the gentelmens name for Tournament Director, but they have big shoes to fill.  No pressure Mick!

Congratulations to Bobby Smith and Wayne Black
for moving on to The Bass Federation Nationals to represent Florida.   Way to go!

All of us want to thank our sponsors for making this one first class event for the Florida Team.
Northlake Marine - Ranger Boats - MinnKota - Quantum - Bass Pro Shops - McGee Tires
Key West Enterprises - Lowrance Electronics - Bass Assassin - Berkley - All Pro Rods

Team Standings

Alabama - 280.05 pounds
North Carolina - 276.10 pounds
Tennnessee - 227.15 pounds
Florida - 204.11 pounds
Georgia - 177.02 pounds
Kentucky - 163.14 pounds
The Humphry Co. Chamber of Commerce and FLW Outdoors furnished some great meals.  Charlie Evens, President and Weigh master of FLW Outdoors was there to let everyone know about the future of FLW / TBF, and it's a bright one!
Here's Nobel Willits getting ready.  Noble missed going to the nationals by only 2/100's of a pound.  That's tough to swollow.
Cuba Landing in Hurricane Mills, Tn was where the tournament was launched.
Jerry Shawver weighing in a couple of keepers.
Hotrods & Cadillacs is where the pairings meeting was held.
Every night the team would get together and share information that might help someone else on the team.
As you can see the terrain was nothing like Florida.
When the people there say they have a house on the water, they really mean it.
If your not in a Federated Bass Club you need to think about joining one or have your club think about becoming one.  Being a member of a federated club is the only way to have a chance to participate in these events.  If you not sure how to do it just contact me.  Making it to the Divisionals is something I have been trying to do for years as well as several thousand other anglers.  Wished I had of had better results on my end, but that's fishing.  The Tournament was 1st  class all the way.  And 99% of the people were 1st class as well, there's always that one, but we won't go there.  Thanks to everyone who made this a event to remember.
Bobby Smith with the heaviest stringer on day 3.
Here we are in our Minkota Shirts.  Our Sponsors furnished us with clothing to wear everyday of the Tournament and more!