$60 Entry Fee
$10 Big Bass Fee
All tournaments are at End of the Road Landing, Wewa
Not only will the Team of the Year recieve AR Trail Jackets, but The Apalachicola River Bass Trail is now an Officially Sanctioned Tournament Trail of BassFan.com and the Bass Fan Army.  they will also recieve 2 entries (paid) into the Bass Fan Weekend Warrior Championship.  Last year's Championship paid $20,000, 1st place down to $600, 50th place.
More info coming soon!
But you must go to BassFanArmy.com and register.     (it's free)
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1st Place - Harold & Kay Godwin - 14.40 lbs
2nd Place - Bobby Smith / Johnny Kirkland - 11.72 lbs
3rd Place - Terry Stevens / David Johnson - 11.01 lbs
4th Place - Carmen McLemore / Alge Wade - 10.18 lbs
5th Place - Jason Jones / Beau Whitfield - 9.70 lbs
6th Place - Charlie Yohn / Charlie Yohn - 9.35 lbs
7th Place - Greg Goodwin / Mack Busby - 8.88

1st Lunker - Smith / Kirkland - 6.81 lbs
2nd Lunker - Godwin / Godwin - 6.13 lbs
3rd Lunker - Jones / Whitfield - 3.75
1st Place
3rd Place
2nd Place & Lunker
4th Place
5th Place
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Feb 24 - Mar 31 - Apr 28 - May 26 - June 30 - July 28 - Aug 25 (Classic)
Thanks to Bobby Padgett (Easy Glide Lure Retreiver) for furnishing
a 20 ft Retreiver for 1st place out of  the money.
The fishing was pretty tough as you can see by the weights.  The old kicker fish makes all the differance.  Notice 1st, 2nd & 5th place had 1st, 2nd & 3rd lunker.  The kicker fish for 1st & 2nd place was basically half their weight.

Complete results will be posted in a few days.
6th Place
Congradulations to the team of Denny McGlon & Jerry Kelly
for ending up as the team of the year.
They will be going to the Bass Fan Weekend Warriors Tournament
in the spring of 2008.
Thanks to Tri-State Marine in Tallahassee, Fl for furnishing our trophy's this year.
2007 Classic
7th Place