During the three days of pre-fishing the word was they were biting!  And I can vouch for that, I had a couple of places where no matter what time of day it was they were biting, and good ones.  But the pre-fishing days were cloudy and rainy.  Im fact on thursday afternoon there were tornado warnings out and as you can see by the couple of photo's below I believe I got a photo of one.  Several of us had just got back to the motel when the warning had been posted on TV that a possible tornado was in Marianna and heading towards Sneads (where we were).  So being the smart people we are we ran out into the parking lot just in time to see it heading out into Lake Seminole.  When the tournament started hte conditions had changed.  A cold north wind and blue bird skies had made pre-fishing a waste of time.  This was one tough tournament.  At the end of the first day with 2 keepers and 2.5 lbs I was 50th place out of almost 200 anglers.  All I could do was kind of laugh about it.  And day 2 did not get any better.  After 5 days of being on the water, I was beat and just wabted to go home.  So I did not get the complete results this time.  When the Fl Bass Federation post them I will link to it from here.  Below are a few candid shots from the tournament and more will be posted in a few days.  Thanks, Allen
                                      (thanks to Mike Batiski for taking a few photo's for me)
ps:  Four of the State Team Members are from Consolidated Bassmasters and two from Bay Co. Bassmasters,                                                                         great job guy's!
Winner of the 07 Ranger 188 giveaway
David Johnson getting his check.
David made the state team.
Chris Daniels getting his check.
Chris made the state team.
Patrick Garner getting his check and making the State Team.
Allen Duke getting his check.
Allen made the State team.
Bobby Smith getting his check.
Bobby made the state team.
Leon Roy receiving his Angler of the Year trophy.
John Hendry, Co-angler of the year.
Mark Anderson thanking Mick Ratcliff after
recieving his check and making the State Team.
Bobby Smith with a good one on day two.
Jason Stake, 2007 Fl Bass Fed Champion.
I don't know why I did not win.  As you can see I had 18.34 lbs and that was on the first day.  Pictures don't always tell the truth.
Matt Smith and Leon Roy looking sad like most of the othe anglers.
I know he was in the bag when I came up here.
Chris Daniels talking to Dave Persinger, tournament director.
Look at the camera Ira, it's not that bad.
Jerry Kelly and his co-angler heading to weigh-in.