2008 Leon County Sheriff's Office
Annual Bass Fishing Tournament

Williams Landing, Lake Talquin
Saturday, April 26 2008

There was 131 boats year.
1st Place - $2,000
2nd Place - $1,000
3rd Place - $900
4th Place - $800
5th Place - $700
6th Place - $600
7th Place - $500
8th Place - $400
9th Place - $300
10th Place - $250
2006 Tournament Results
2007 Tournament Results
1000.00 bonus money if 1st place winner is in a ranger boat, 500.00 if in a ranger boat with a evinrude motor, 500.00 more if the boat is purchased from tri-state marine.
1st Place Marvin Foran    16.8oz11th PlaceRon Collier   13.1 oz
       David Mock                Mitch Lawhon
2nd PlaceAllan Morris     15.9oz12th Place Billy Knight   12.12
      David Byrd                   David Perkins
3rd PlaceBobby Smith     15.1oz13th Place Mike Pagozalski  12.9 oz
TIE  Matt Smith                   Lindsey Olson
3rd PlaceKim Brown15.1oz 14th Place Chip Jones  12.8 oz
TIE  Clint Brown         TIE     Marc Arguin
5th PlaceChris Smith      14.6oz 14th Place  Rob Lawhon12.8 oz
      Reggie Clahoun           TIE     Carey Lawhon
6th PlaceBlain Kellogg    14.4 oz16th Place  Craig Parker       12.4 oz
     Bob Kellogg                   Steve Miller
7th PlaceJerry Uhls 13.11 oz       17th PlaceRicky Atkinson   11.7
      Tom Denmark               Ronnie McKamey
8th PlaceJamie Johns     13.4 oz18th Place Allen Carter 11.3
TIE  William Johns               Ryan Kelley (BIG BASS 6.7oz)
8th PlaceJR Mundinger    13.4 oz19th PlaceScotty Sanderson11.2 oz
TIE  Kenny Heirman                    Scotty A. Sanderson
8th PlaceDaniel Boyd      13.4 oz20th Place Doug Walker10.15
TIE Brantly Morris                Ken Morgan

11th Place - $200
12th Place - $150
13th Place - $140
14th Place - $130
15th Place - $120
16th Place - $110
17th Place - $100
18th Place - $90
19th Place - $80
20th Place - $70
Make plans to attend next year!
Congratulations to all who made this tournament possible.  This is by far one of the best tournament in out area.  Since the Top 20 teams are in no picitular order, I don't know all the names even if I should (getting old).  Feel free to contact me and let me know who someone is in a picitular photo.  Also thanks to David Mock and FLW Outdoors for the use of the weigh-in Trailer.
Here's your 2008 winners, David Mock & Marvin Foran.  Not only did they get the $2000 1st place money but since they were fishng out of a Ranger they also recieved another $1000 for that.  Congrats guy's!
Can't beat getting served breakfast at the landing at 4:00 in the morning and a Bar-b-Q dinner after the tough day of fishing.
Here's Marvin Foran working hard making sure all the bass were of legal size.
Kim Brown / Clint Brown, tied for 3rd place
I believe this is Ryan Kelly with lunker @ 6 lbs 7 oz.
Matt Smith / Bobby Smith tied for 3rd place.
Mitch Lawhon / Ron Collier 11th place
Rob & Carey Lawhon tied for 14th place.
Bob Kellogg / Blain Kellogg 5th place.
Biologist were there checking some bass to see if they could find any chips that were previously inserted for tracking.
Leon Co. Sheriff, Larry Campbell saying a few words to the croud.