About the Tournament

When you think of our local area the first thing that comes to mind is the white sandy beaches and the salt water fishing industry.
When in fact fresh water fishing of all types is deeply rooted in our areas history.
We have several lakes and river systems in our area that produce some of the best fresh water fishing in the South.
As a result of these fisheries a lot of past and present anglers have chosen to take advantage of these fishing resources.
This resulted in competitive bass fishing coming to lite in this area many years ago.

In 1968 the first local bass club was organized and called Miracle Strip Bass Masters.
With only 6 original members this club laid the foundation and set in motion what we enjoy today in competitive bass fishing in our local area.

The legacy left behind by these fisherman lives on in our hearts and minds and inspire us in what we enjoy today as competitive bass fishing.

The mission of this tournament is to remember the competitive anglers whom are no longer with us.

Local Legends Memorial Bass Classic
In preparation for this tournament we have created a stationary trophy that will be on display at Nicks Seafood, Hwy 20, Freeport.
This solid oak trophy is approximately 2 ft x 2 ft square, 3 ½ ft tall accommodating 3 decks.
The names of past anglers and future tournament winners will be forever memorialized on this uniquely hand crafted trophy.

Local Legends Memorial Bass ClassicAugust 29th, 2009
Black Creek Lodge - Choctawhatchee River
1st Place
1st Place - Chris & Benny Thompson
2nd Place - Jeremy Bautzell
3rd Place - Tim Goodwin / Stick Harrison
4th Place - Micky & Troy Gains
5th Place - Matt Brunson / Bob Walker
Lunker - Micky & Troy Gains

Weights coming soon
2nd Place
4th Place
3rd Place