Congrats to theBainbridge Ga. Convention & Visitors Bureau for putting on a very good and very well run tournament.  If you have not seen Earl May Boat Basin latley, they have really made it a great place to hold tournaments.  You can put in 8 - 10 boats at one time.  And also thanks to FLW Outdoor & David Mock for the use of the FLW Outdoors Weigh-in Trailer.  There were 139 teams on a weekend that saw non-stop 25 - 35 mph winds and on day 2 some rain thrown in just for fun.  Most teams team did not fair very well.  On day two only about half the field  came back for more fun.   They were paying 19 places and at the end of day two, 19th place was 11 lbs.  So it certainly was possible to have a bad day on the first day and then jump back into the money.  Just as the Team of Paul Tyre & Nic Jeter did.  Probably around 100th place on day one, then bringing in 23 lbs plus on day two and jumping to 6th place.  There were some real nice Shoal Bass weighed in as you will see in some of the photos.  On day two I ran up the Flint Probably a little further than I should have to try and catch some.  It's a whole different world up their.  I did have about a two pounder on but it pulled off.  It was worth the trip up their for the scenery.  I left a little early on day two, so I will have a group shot of the winners when they send it to me.  As usual there are some anglers that just know how to catch them no matter what the conditions.  Congratulations to Brad and Lance Reynolds weighing in a total of 44 lbs 8 oz for $10,000
Here's some nice Shoal Bass
October 8th & 9th, 2011