State Championship
October 18th & 19th - Palatka Florida, St. Johns River
Crystal Cove Hotel Marina
The Florida B.A.S.S. Nation State Championships just keep getting better every year.  The accommodations at Crystal Cove Hotel & Marina were awesome.

The tournament was as professional as it gets.  And this is due to the Florida B.A.S.S. Nation Staff. 
President: Tom Mahoney working the bump station - Vice President: David Driggers working the computer results - Tournament Director: Tom Bateman & Rick Wilhelm
Youth Director / Tournament Emcee: Jeff Brooks - Treasurer: John Hunt working the bump station computer and I'm sure there were others.

This is a ton of work these guys did to make this a memorable occasion for all the anglers.
This years tournament had 87 Anglers and 37 co-anglers.  All trying to earn a spot on the Florida State Team.
The State Team will consist of 9 anglers and 5 co-anglers that will move on to fish the Southern Divisionals in early 2015.

We also want to say a big thank you to President Tom Mahoney for his dedication over the years.
His term is up, so now he will be another angler that will take my money.

If you want to be a part of this tournament trail, find a Florida B.A.S.S. Nation Club in your area and come on!
Anglers heading out on day 1
Some of the scenery on the St. Johns River
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At the bump station, getting ready to face the scales
2014 Florida B.A.S.S. Nation State Team
Anglers (back row - Left to Right)

1st Place - Wayne Black - 44.77 lbs
2nd Place - Mark Blevins - 36.26 lbs
3rd Place - Mike Jackson - 34.05 lbs
4th Place - Raymond Trudeau - 26.00 lbs
5th Place - Drew Cook - 25.89 lbs
6th Place - Mike Prance - 24.26 lbs
7th Place - Tom Walsh - 24.18 lbs
8th Place - Nick Manfredo - 23.04 lbs
Angler of the Year - Allen Duke
Co-Anglers (front row - Left to Right)

1st Place - Jim Keith - 17.12lbs
2nd Place - Dan Fay - 10.94 lbs
3rd Place - Brian Colson - 8.32 lbs
4th Place - Matthew Marinelli - 8.28 lbs
5th Place - Joe Kirbo - 8.14 lbs

Lunker - Day 1: Wayne Black - 8.13 lbs
Lunker - Day 2: David Mock - 7.65 lbs
Allen Duke - 2014 Angler of the year
Brian Colson - 2014 Co-Angler of the year
1st Place
2nd Place
4th Place
3rd Place
6th Place
5th Place
8th Place
7th Place
Winning Anglers
Winning Co-Anglers
1st Place
2nd Place
I appoligize for not getting all the Co-Anglers photos.
In a 2-day event it's sometimes hard to make sure you get them all.
Anglers heading to the bump station
Getting ready for the anglers to weigh-in
Lunker - Day 2