Gulf County Sheriff's Office
2016 Annual Bass Tournament
White City Landing

September 24th and 25th, 2016
And again a great turn out for a great tournament. 
Thank you to all who had a hand in making it a big sucess.
Best tournament in the panhandle.
In the Money!!
1st Place –   Drew Benton & Michael Smith           29.58lbs
2nd Place – Andrew Angelous & Bobby Porter    27.13lbs
3rd Place – Randall Langston& Titus Langston  25.85lbs
4th Place -   Paul Davis & Tommy Davis                 25.19lbs
5th Place –  Justin & JR Hagler                                23.91lbs
6th Place – Randy Cnota & Larry Gaines              22.23lbs
7th Place – Todd Mcglon & Jamie Johns              22.0lbs
8th Place – Josh Lanston & John Gamrill             21.97lbs
9th Place - Greg & Gerald Dykes                             21.95lbs

Day 1 Lunker –          Mcglon & Johns           6.08lbs
Day 1 2nd Lunker – Goodwin & Meadows   5.3lbs
Day 2 Lunker –         Benton & Smith            6.18lbs
Day 2 2nd Lunker – Angelous & Porter       5.92
1st Place
3rd Place
5th Place
9th Place
Other catches

Sorry I didnt get all the pics I needed, I got sick and had to leave