3rd Annual Charity Bass Tournament

Hosted by Fort Walton Gulf Power Transformers
Weigh Master:  Aaron Broxson
Featured Guest:  Sammie Jo Denyes

Saturday, April 28, 2007
Choctawhatchee River, Black Creek Lodge

First place - Harold Godwin and Kay Godwin 16.34 pounds

Second place - Aaron Broxson 12.7 pounds

Third place - Joe Booker and Jeff Booker 9.65 pounds

Fourth place - Dail Dybdal and Dyb Dybdal 8.23 pounds

Fifth place - Gerald Henderson 7.93 pounds

Big Fish caught by Joe Booker 6.49 pounds.
Some good money was paid out!
Here is your 1st place winners Harold & Kay Godwin
Harold & Kay talking to Sammie Joe Denyes
Dybdal & Dybdal - 4th Place
Gerald Henderson - 5th Place
Booker & Booker - 3rd Place
Aaron Broxon - 2nd Place