Matt is a local Lake Seminole angler and will be reporting to us throughout the month after his days on the water.  His knowledge of Bass Fishing and Lake Seminole will be an asset to this site.  Thanks Matt!
Date: January 27th, 2014

Lake Seminole - Down 0.44 feet, heavy stain, 49 degrees

Bass - Good.  There were eight 20 lb. sacks weighed in during the most recent tournament on the Lake.  The bass are biting and they are surprisingly shallow with the cold weather.  The best areas to target are main lake flats with ditches and depressions, or grasslines in Spring Creek.  The best depth has seemed to be about 7-8 feet deep.  The obvious bait of choice would be a lipless crankbait such as a Spro Aruku Shad 75 in Mudbug Red.  The best setup for the lipless crankbait is to use a 7' Med Hvy rod, a high speed reel such as a Lew's Speed Spool in 7:1, and Sunline FX2 50lb. braid.  This setup is the best for covering lots of water and locating a school of fish.  The lipless crankbait seems to work better in the dirtier water on the main lake flats.  The grasslines in Spring Creek that are near the main lake spawning flats have also been producing fish.  Use your Lowrance Structure Scan to locate schools of fish on grass edges and then work the area real well with a crankbait. Your boat will be sitting in 18-20 foot and you will be casting to 7 feet or so.  A Stanford Razor Shad medium diver in Tennessee Shad is  a really good bait for the cold water.  Work the crankbait through the grass to locate and catch them, and when the bite slows switch to a 5" Big Bite Baits Trick Stick on a Texas Rig with a 1/4 oz Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten sinker and bobber stopper.  As the weather begins to warm and the water clears, look for the bass to move closer to sand. 
Date: January 16th, 2014

Lake Seminole - high, muddy, 50 degrees

Bass are still biting.  There was a tournament won on the lake the other day with 30 lbs!  The bass can still be caught in the mud, but the best technique is to find clearer water.  You can always rip a trap such as a Spro Aruku Shad in Mudbug Red on shallow main lake grass flats to get bit.  The better spots will be the ditches and depressions along the flats.  In the thick grass, you need to use braid, a limber rod, and a Lews SuperDuty Reel with a high 7:1 Gear Ratio.  Many fish are deep right now also.  Look for clearer water in Spring Creek or Fish Pond Drain and fish 20 ft deep with a crankbait and a drop shot.  Your electronics are extremely important and locating fish with this deep technique.  Lowrance StructureScan is awesome for finding and pinpointing bass in deep water on Spring Creek and Fish Pond Drain.  Once you locate a school of bass, throw towards them with a  Spro Little John DD in Nasty Shad or a Stanford Deep Diving Cedar Shad in Summer.  Usually the bass will bite the crankbait, but if not you can opt for the drop shot.  Rig the drop shot on a spinning outfit with 8 lb. Sunline FC Sniper, a size 2 Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hook, and 1/4 Fish Catchin Fool Tunsten Weight, and a Fish Catchin Fool Bobber Stopper.  Big Bite Baits makes a bait called a shaking squirrel that is perfect for drop shotting.  Use your Lowrance Unit to see the fish, and the drop shot on the graph.  Most of the time, you can see the lines on the graph as the fish moves towards the bait.
Date: February 19th, 2014

Lake Seminole - Full Pool.  59 degrees. Muddy

Bass Fishing is tremendous right now.  It has been taking phenomenal bags to win most tournaments.  The record for a 5 bass limit in a bass tournament was just broken over the weekend with a five bass limit at 38.88 lbs being weighed in during a Media Bass tournament.  The fish are in full pre-spawn mode right now and can be caught very easily on lipless crankbaits.  Use your Lowrance Electronics and mapping to look for areas such as ditches and depressions on main lake flats and throw a Spro Aruku Shad 85 in Mudbug Reg.  Use Sunline FX2 Braid in 50 lb. and a high speed Lews Tournament Speed Spool in 7:1 gear ratio.  The heavy 3/4 oz works best because the grass has died back a lot from all the mud and cold weather.  This technique is the best running right now.  ANother way to catch some really nice fish is to look for dead hyacinths that have been blown in around weed clumps and islands.  Use a 1 1/4 oz. Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten Weight, a
5/0 Gamakatsu Heavy Cover Flippin Hook, a 4" Big Bite Baits Yo Mamma in Hematoma, and heavy braid.  Big females will stage up underneath the hyacinths when the sun is out getting ready for the spawn.
Date: March 12th, 2014


Bass fishing is good. The bass have moved on the beds now, and there are also a lot of nice fish cruising around bedding areas in the shallows. One good technique to use right now is to keep your trolling motor on about 70 percent and ride, and look for bedding bass to catch. While you are looking, there are several baits that you can fish around in the bedding areas that will catch nice fish. The first is a shallow running crank bait such as a Spro Fat John in clear chartreuse or a Stanford 1.5 Patriot in summer color. Use a heavy fluorocarbon when fishing these two baits to keep them running shallow. Try 20 pound test Sunline FC Sniper. The other technique to use in these areas is to swim a Big Bite Baits 7 Sugar Cane worm. This bait can be Texas rigged with a 1/4 ounce Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten and a FCF bobber stopper. It has a paddle tail action and when Texas rigged, you can swim it through grass and lily pads much like a swim bait. Once you find
a bedding fish, then it is time to drop the Power Poles, which are great for shallow fishing, and begin trying to entice the fish to bite. The best bait on the market right now for sight fishing is a Big Bite Baits Warmouth. This bait is extremely awesome for bedding bass. There are several great colors to use, but we like the chartreuse bluegill color. It is a little tricky trying to rig this bait, but the Big Bite Baits website has an illustration of how to rig it on a 5/0 EWG Gamakatsu hook. Also when bed fishing use a copolymer line with a little stretch, such as 16 to 22 pound. Sunline Machinegun Cast. There are also still a few pre-spawn fish to catch on lipless crankbaits.  Use your Lowrance electronics to locate the edges of the spawing flats on the main lake and cast on top of the grass and rip your bait free.  A good area to start is b/w the Firebreak and Ship Island which is the little island at the end of Fish Pond Drain.
Date: March 24th, 2014

Lake Seminole - .89 ft above full pool, muddy, 62 degrees

Bass - Good.  The bass are in two stages right now, either pre-spawn or spawn.  The pre-spawn fish are still staging near spawning flats and mouths of spawning coves.  These pre-spawners can by picked off with shallow running crankbaits such as a Spro Fat John in Citrus Shad or either a bladed jig in Black/Blue with a Big Bite Baits 5" Cane Thumper in Hematoma as the trailer.  Use 16 lb. Sunline FC Sniper Flourocarbon for either of these techniques.  Beating the banks really seemed to pay off for the Elite Series Anglers in the B.A.S.S. tournament, and you can use these same to lures to fish banks on the main lake.  These areas are holding fish because of the sand near the bank where the fish are either spawning or moving up to spawn.  With the muddy water, sight fishing is tough on the lake, but can still be done in backwater ponds where the water is clear.  If you are not familiar with the lake, use your Lowrance Electronics with Insight mapping to see them on the map.  Most of the ponds off of Spring Creek and Fish Pond Drain stay clear year-round.  When searching for spawning fish, use a good pair of polarized glasses, and cast around as you are looking.  A good bait to fish while searching is a 7" Big Bite Baits Sugar Cane worm in Green Pumpkin.  Rig this on a Fish Catchin Fool Bobber Stopper, FCF 3/16 oz Tungsten, and a 4/0 Gamakatsu Offset Worm Hook.  This bait is deadly around bass that are cruising. 
Date: April 12th, 2014

Lake Seminole - Above full pool. 67 degrees. Muddy       

Bass are in between right now and are not that easy to catch.  There are still plenty of spawning fish, but the problem is that you cannot see them.  Slower presentations are definitely better and they work well around sand bars on the main lake.  If you do not already know where the sandbars are, you can find them easily on your Lowrance Sonar and Structure Scan Units.  Once you find a good area, lower you Power-Poles and work the area real slow with a 8" Big Bite Baits Kreit Tail Lizard in Black/Blue.  With this technique, you will need a Fish Catchin Fool 3/8 oz Tungsten Weight and a 5/0 Offset Shank Gamakatsu Hook.  There is also a shad spawn beginning in backwater areas where green peanut grass is present.  To capitalize on a shad spawn, you need either bladed jig or a swimming jig.  A new company known as Buddha Baits has some of the best jigs on the market right now.  These jigs come with an extremely large heavy duty hook and a very creative and attractive head design.  For the swimming jig, use a white 3/8 Buddha Baits In-Seine Swim Jig.  Use the white swim jig with a 5" Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper in white as a trailer.  The bladed jig is called a  Swagger Jig.  For the Swagger Jig, use a 3/8 in white with silver blade and a 5" white Cane Thumper as well.  This technique can  be really good if you find the shad in the right areas.  For more information and ordering of Buddha Baits, e-mail the following address
Date: April 26th, 2014

Lake Seminole is high, fast, and muddy!  The fish are hard to catch right now, but the best way to do so is to fish super shallow water in backwater areas with a  frog or a swimbait.  There has also been some reports of a shad spawn going on in these same areas.  A good choice for a swimbait is a 5" Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper in Pearl.  Rig this bait on a 5/0 Gamakatsu Superline Hook with a toothpick through the head to hold on the bait, and Sunline FC Sniper 20lb Flourocarbon line.  If you need a little more weight added to it, put a 1/16 oz. Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten weight on the front with a  Fish Catchin Fool Bobber Stopper.    The best frog right now is a Spro Bronzeye Shad in Nasty Shad.  This bait has tremendous walk the dog action and really does imitate a shad.   Fish this frog on a fast speed reel such as a Lews Super Duty in 7:1 and at 60 lb. Sunline FX2 Braid.  As the weather continues to warm and the water continues to clear, look for the bass to start moving out on river ledges and then use your Lowrance Structure Scan to locate schools of fish to catch crankin! 
Date: May 18th, 2014

Lake Seminole is about as good as good can get right now.  It is taking high 20s to win most tournaments.  The bass are mostly postspawn now and feeding heavily on shad.  There is an outstanding early morning shad spawn going on as long as you are in the right areas.  Look for places with green lily pads or peanut grass present as the shad will use these to lay their eggs on.    When you find a good shad spawn, action can be fast and furious.  A lot of times you never have to even move the boat you can just Power-Pole down and keep casting to the same school of fish.You need baits that imitate shad such as a 5" Big Bite Baits Jerk Minnow in White with a 5/0 Gamakatsu EWG hook.  Depending on the thickness of the cover you can use 16lb Sunline FC Sniper Flourocarbon or 50lb. Sunline FX2 Braid.  Another good bait to use in the shad spawn is a new SPRO Bronzeye Shad in Nasty Shad. Braid is a must for this bait and it is probably the single best frog style bait on the market right now because no other bait has the walking action that this bait has.  When the shad spawn slows down, head to the main lake and use your Lowrance HDS units to locate grass.  The muddy water and fast current has really done a number on the grass this year, so when you find some you can really catch a lot of fish out of one grassbed.  Depending on the depth of the grass, you can alternate between 2 crankbaits.  My favorite is the Spro Fat Papa Series by Russ Lane.  It comes in 2 sizes a 55 and a 70.  The 70 runs about 10-12 feet and in my opinion is the best crankbait for grass because of its tremendous buoyancy.  It almost acts like a balsa bait because it rises out of the grass so effortlessly.  The 55 runs about 6-8 feet and is a much smaller bait.  When you find fish on the crankbait and the bite slows down, switch to a Carolina Rig with a  8" Big Bite Baits Finesse Worm in Blue Fleck.  You really need a heavy lead with this technique so opt for at least a 3/4 oz Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten Weight and a long leader. 
Date: June 7th, 2014

Lake Seminole is currently 6 inches low, 81 degrees, and the water is fairly clear. The bass are biting good in many different areas of the lake. There are two good patterns to use right now. You can either fish the topped out milfoil and coontail with a frog, or look for submerged grass that is growing in slightly deeper water. There are a few grassbeds in the flint that are topped out. These grassbeds are shallow, so when fishing them power poles come in super handy. The grass is so scummy that the only bait you can fish through it is a frog. Use a regular Spro bronzeye 65 in natural green to fish over the tops of the grass. Use 60 lb Sunline fx2 braid for this technique. The other pattern takes more practice, but can pay off big time with a little work. With all the spring rains and muddy, fast water; the hydrilla is way behind. It is barely growing off of the bottom in several areas of the lake. Use you Lowrance Structure Scan units to find it and then fish it with either a crankbait or Texas-rig worm. For the crankbait, use a Spro Fat Papa 70 in NastyShad on 12 lb Sunline fc sniper. For the Texas rig, use 6" Big Bite Baits Kreit Tail worm in tilapia with a 3/8 oz Fish Catchin Fool tungsten weight. If you find grass that is growing too high for the crankbait or worm, try a new 1/2 oz Buddha Blade (

Date: June 23rd, 2014

Lake Seminole - Down 6 inches, clear, 86 degrees

Bass Fishing - Awesome.  The latest bass tournament on the lake was the Southern Big Bass Battle.  There were 16 hourly weigh-ins and it took a 7 lber to win nearly every single time!  Needless to say the bass are really biting on Seminole right now.  There are several different ways to catch them I will highlight a few.  The big bass are being caught on frogs near the bank.  You can either fish lily pads, pepper grass, or scum as bream are hanging around these areas either bedding or eating willow flies.  You need to make really long casts so a good reel such as a Lew's Speed Spool is a must.  You also need good braid that cast well such as Sunline FX2 in 60lb.  If you are fishing pepper grass, use a Spro Bronzeye Popper in Natural Green.  If you are fishing pads or scum, use a regular Spro Bronzeye 65 in Natural Green.  Power Poles come in really handy when fishing this technique because the fish are actually schooled up in places like this so if you catch one there is usually another in that same area.  Another good pattern that is working well is to fish submerged coontail grass.  Seminole is really different this year from all of the spring rains and cold weather killing most of the vegetation.  So you have to really search to find good grass.  The down imaging from Lowrance is really a neat tool to find areas where grass is present.  When you find good grass, a Texas Rigged Big Bite Baits Finesse worm in Tilapia or Green Pumpkin with a 1/4 Fish Catchin Fool Tunsten Weight is hard to beat, but if the wind is blowing you can also catch them on a spinnerbait.  Buddha Bait Company makes a new spinnerbait with a 6/0 hook that is really long so you don't have to use a trailer.  It comes through the grass really well.

Date: June 17th, 2014

Lake Seminole - The bite on the lake is somewhat slowing down, but there are still some nice catches being brought in.  The fish have moved out to their summertime haunts and are feeding on shad.  The ledges of the Flint River and Chattahoochee are good places to start looking for fish.  You really need some good electronics with down imaging such as a Lowrance HDI7 Chirp.  This unit has awesome down imaging and is very affordable.  Use a good Navionics Chip and look for humps, points, and bends in the ledges.  When you find a good spot, scan it to look for bait and fish.  Then use a Spro Little John DD in Clear Chartreuse to find where the fish are holding.  Another good bait to use is a 8" Big Bite Baits Finesse Worm in Green Pumpkin on a Texas Rig with a 1/2 Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten and bobber stopper.  Also a good tip that I will share is to have a rod rigged up specifically for schooling fish.  Lately the bass have been coming to the surface busting shad.  When they do this you need to be ready.  You need a reel that will cast a mile such as a Lew's Speed Spool, Sunline Braid, and a walking bait such as a Spro Dawg 100. 
If ledge fishing is not your thing, there are still a good number of fish in shallow grass and lily pads feeding on bream and can be caught frog fishing.  A Spro Popper in Natural Green is hard to beat.  Power-Poles also come in handy when fishing this technique because you can power pole down when you find a good area and fish it slow.

Date: August 20th, 2014

Lake Seminole - down 6 inches, clear, 88-90 degrees

Bass Fishing - Fair.  The dog days of summer are officially here and the bass know it.  Bass fishing is at its best early in the mornings or late in the evenings with topwater baits.  Buzzbaits and walking baits such as a Spro Dawg 100 work real well on topped out hydrilla on the Flint River.  Both techniques work best with 50 lb Sunline FX2 braid.  When the early morning bite is over, things get really tough.  You can still manage to catch fish by either flipping or utilizing your electronics.  There is always bass buried up in the hydrilla and the grass is plentiful on the flint side of the lake.  When flipping, look for the deepest grass walls and use a 1 1/4 oz Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten, a Fish Catchin Fool Bobber Stopper, a 5/0 Gamakatsu Straight shank hvy cover flippin hook, and a 4" Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog in Prime Rib.  You can also catch fish that are suspended in the river channel underneath balls of bait, but this pattern is hit or miss.  You need good electronics such as Lowrance Touch 7, 9, or 12 with a good DownScan.  When you see fish suspended underneath balls of bait, you can see what depth they are holding in and fish accordingly.  A flutter spoon works real well on suspended fish, as does a crankbait such as a Spro Little John DD.  Also, always have a reel that will cast a long way such as a Lews Speed Spool rigged up with a big topwater bait so that you can cast at schooling fish that come up to chase bait.

Date: September 20th, 2014

Lake Seminole - Bass are just not biting right now on the lake except for late in the evenings.  The morning bite has simply vanished.  You can still manage some bites as long as you are in an area that has fish.  Grassbeds on the main part of the lake have seemed to be the best.  The bass are feeding on little tiny schools of shad, and it definitely helps to match the hatch.  A Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper 3.5 is perfect for the size of shad that the fish are feeding on.  I would rig this bait Texas-Style on a 2/0 Gamakatsu Superline Hook, a 1/16 Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten Weight, and a Fish Catchin Fool bobber stopper.  Another decent pattern is to throw topwater all day such as a Spro Dawg 100 or a buzzbait.  Also you need a good reel in order to make long casts to stay away from the fish as far as possible.  A Lews Speed Spool is the best on the market for this.  There are a few grassbeds that still submerged that are holding fish.  Use your Lowrance Down Imaging to locate these grass humps and use a spinner bait or squarebill to catch fish in these areas. 

Date: September 20th, 2014

Lake Seminole - down .98 feet, 78 degrees, clear

Bass fising - Fair.  The bass fishing is slow for the most part on the lake right now, except for cloudy days or in the evenings.  If the skies are mostly cloudy, then the fish will bite fairly good all day.  You can fish topwater all day long when the weather permits.  Use a Spro Dawg 100 in Old Glory on 50 lb. Sunline FX2 Braid.  You can walk this bait next to grasslines on the main lake.  The lake is full of small shad and they are all in the grass.  The Spro Dawg works real well because it imitates these small shad.  You do need a good real to make really long casts at fish that bust shad.  A Lews Speed Spool will throw like a rocket.  If the sun is out, the bite gets really tough.  You can still manage some bites but you have to fish real slow with a small swimbait in the grass.  A 5" Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper in Reel Shad has about the best swimming action of any swimbait on the market right now.  Rig this on a 5/0 Superline Gamakatsu hook with no weight and fish it over the tops of the hydrilla real slow.  There are still a few fish on ledges on the Chattahoochee river, but this can be hit or miss.  Use your Lowrance DownScan to find balls of shad on the ledges and look for fish arches to be underneath them.  These fish will bite a crankbait or jig fished real slow.  As the weather continues to cool down, so will the water temps and the grass will start to die back.  When this happens its time to break out the lipless crankbaits and hit the flats!

Date: October 24th, 2014

Bass fishing on Lake Seminole is starting to pick up just a little.  There are millions of small shad all over the lake and the bass are feeding on them.  There is also an abundant amount of 8-10 inch bass all over the lake.  You can literally catch 100 small bass a day on the lake.  For the larger bass, you actually have to just cull through the little ones until you get a big bite.  The key is to use small baits that match the size of the shad.  Baits such as a 4" Big Bite Baits Jerk Minnow in white on a Lew's Spinning Reel with small diameter Sunline Braid is a great combination.  Small Buzzbaits and spinnerbaits work well also.  A Spro Baby Fat John in nasty Shad is great to crank in the shallow grass.  Flipping is also good too.  When flipping use a 1 oz Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten weight and a 4" White Big Bite Fighting Frog.  The stripers and hybrids are also schooling and can be found on the main lake humps using your Lowrance Structure Scan and Down Scan units.

Date: November 1st, 2014

Lake Seminole is 6 inches low, stained, and 65 degrees.  The bass where biting real good in shallow water, but the cooler temps and all the pressure from the tournaments have slowed them down a little.  The bass are still feeding on small shad, however, over the last few trips I have noticed some larger shad (maybe 3-4 inches.  You truly need to match the hatch to increase your odds of catching bass.  Most of the time, all the pressure pushes the fish way up in the grass, but this year it has done the total opposite.  The fish have pushed out to the outermost edges of the grass where the grass is submerged underneath the water.  Use your Lowrance DownScan Units to find the edges of the grass.  A good way to catch them is to throw a jerkbait (Spro McStick 115 in Clear Chartreuse) in clear water, a Spro Aruku Shad 75 (Old Glory Color) in dirty water, and a 1/2 oz white chatterbait in stained water.  Big Bite Baits has a new Cane Thumper in a 4" that works PERFECT chatterbaits and jigs.  Use the Reel Shad color Cane Thumper on the back of the chatterbait.  For best action on the jerkbait, use 12 lb. Sunline FC Reaction line on a Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool Reel which is an awesome casting reel for light weight baits.  There has been some flippin fish being caught on grasslines, but you have to just cover lots of water to find them.  Use a 1 1/4 oz Fish Catchin Fool weight, FCF bobber stopper, a 4/0 Gamakatsu Hvy Cvr Flippin Hook, and a 4" Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog in Hematoma. 

Date: December 8th, 2014

Lake Seminole - down  1 foot, clear, 65 degrees

Bass Fishing - Good.  The bass are starting to get grouped up in schools all over the lake as they are getting ready to get into their pre-spawn mode.  There are multiple ways that you can catch them right now I will share a few.  With all the grass on the lake dying back, its hard to beat a lipless crankbait or a suspended jerkbait.  Use your Lowrance Down Scan to find submerged grass flats.  When you find the grass, stay on the edges of it and use a Spro Aruku Shad on 50lb Sunline FX2 braid.  For color choice, this time of year red works well, but shad patterns seem to work better.  Use the Aruku Shad as a search bait until you find a school of fish.  Then you can slow down with a Spro McStick 110 in Clear/Chartreuse.  When fishing the jerkbait, you need to use 12 lb. Sunline FC REaction Flourocarbon line, a med. action rod, and a superlight reel such as a Lews Team Lite Reel.  These reels only weigh 5.7 ounces and cast a mile.  Another pattern that is about to be on fire is to fish deep standing timer in Spring Creek.  A texas-rigged 8" Big Bite Baits Finesse Worm in Blue Fleck or Green Pumpkin rigged on a 4/0 Gamakatsu hook, and a 1/4 Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten is a good technique in the standing timber.  Also a 1/2 oz Buddha Baits Football Jig with a  Big Bite Baits Reel Deal Craw as a trailer is also a good technique that catches giants.  The Buddha Baits Football Jig features a oversize 6/0 hook that increases power and catch ratios tremendously. 

Stripers and Hybrids - Stripers and Hybrids are also starting to bite on the main lake and the Chattahoochee River.  Look for both to be ganged up on main lake humps and at the mouth of Trails End on the Hooch.  For stripers and hybrids, you need one bait - an A rig.  Use an A-rig with Big Bite Bait Cane Thumpers and 1/8 oz jigheads.   Use Braid and a big rod because you are liable to catch some monsters. 

Date: December 22nd, 2014

Lake seminole - down 6 inches, 55 degrees, clear

Bass - good. The water temps are down and the grass is dying. This has made the lipless crankbait bite and chatterbait bite turn on. With the cold water, the bass are still relating to the deep grass edge. The middle grounds between the firebreak and stinky island and the flats in front of Wingate are both good places.  For the lipless crankbait, opt for a heavier 3/4 oz bait such as a Spro Aruku Shad 85 in mudbug red. For the chatterbait, use a 1/2 oz green pumpkin with a 4" Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper in Easy Money color.  Another pattern that seems to be working is drop shotting in spring creek. For the best set up, use a Lews spinning reel, a Duckett spinning rod, 7 lb Sunline fluorocarbon, a Gamakatsu drop shot hook, and a 1/4 drop shot weight. Nose hook a Big Bite Baits 6" Shaking Squirrel in earthworm and then your in business.  The best areas to drop shot are anywhere in spring creek in deep timber. You need really good electronics with down scan
such as Lowrance hds touchscreen units. They make it much easier to locate fish and shad to increase your odds.