Matt is a local Lake Seminole angler and will be reporting to us throughout the month after his days on the water.  His knowledge of Bass Fishing and Lake Seminole will be an asset to this site.  Thanks Matt!
Date: January 24th, 2016

Lake Seminole - Full Pool. 54 degrees. Muddy.

Bass Fishing - Tough.  The lake has been extremely tough for most fisherman for the past few months.  The high muddy water seems to be the culprit.  Your best bet to catch any bass is to get on a bank or a shallow grass line and just fish for miles until you happen to run into a couple that are biting.  A Spro Aruku Shad in Mudbug Red or a 1/2 Black and Blue Chatterbait with a 4.25" Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper in Hematoma are two good choices for covering water and getting a reaction strike.  Your lowrance electronics are good for finding the edges of the grass.  Another pattern that seems to be working is to fish current breaks on both the Chattahoochee and the Flint Rivers.  A shallow running crankbait such as a Spro Fat John 60 in Black/Chartreuse is a good bait for these areas.

Date: January 1st, 2016

Lake Seminole is high, muddy, and fast. Fishing on the rivers is pretty much out of the question right now as they are actually dangerous to run with all of the floating debris. Fish pond drain or the backwater ponds off of spring creek are your best bet for fishing for bass right now.  The ponds usually stay fairly clear. The water temps are falling so a suspended jerkbait is a good bet for these backwaters. A Spro Mcstick 110 in clear chartreuse is a good one. Fish this on 12 lb Sunline reaction fc line, a 6:8:1 lews speed spool, and a medium action rod such as a Duckett Terex.  Use your Lowrance touchscreen units to find fish and balls of shad suspended in the timber. If the jerkbait bite slows down, throw a Texas rigged Big Bite Baits finesse worm in blue fleck around the timber

Date: January 22nd, 2016

Lake Seminole - Full Pool. 56 degrees on the main lake and 62 in the backwaters. Backwaters are clear and main lake is stained but clearing.

The lake is fishing really strange right now. This week is the first full moon in February and warm temperatures. You would think that big bags would be expected at the local Westside Team Trail this past weekend. For this time of the year that was not the case. 16 lbs did win but after that the weights fell off a good bit and with 36 boats it should've been a lot better.  From my experience, most of the bass are in the backwaters ponds. There are some fish bedding and some cruising and the rest are thinking about it.  One good technique is to throw a swim bait in shallow pads and grass while searching for bedding bass.  A good bait is a 5" Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper in Hematoma or Green Pumpkin.  Rig this on Sunline braid a good rod such as a Duckett micro magic pro 7' extra hvy and a Lews Tournament Speed Spool with an 8:3:1 gear ratio.  This setup helps you get those big females out if the thick cover.  If you find a bass on bed, switch to a Texas rigged Big Bite Baits Warmouth in pumpkin seed with a 5/0 Gamakatsu ewg hook and a 3/8 oz tungsten Fish Catchin Fool weight. This will catch most bass that are locked in the bed.  There are some fish still staging in the deeper water near the ponds.  Use your Lowrance HDS units and navionics mapping to locate the deeper depressions and ditches in the ponds. Once you locate good areas switch to a Spro Little John XL crankbait in nasty shad to find and locate where the fish are. Hopefully these tips will help. Best of luck!

Date: March 29th, 2016

Lake Seminole - Full Pool. 68 degrees. Stained

Bass - Good. Bass are up shallow and are biting pretty good on Seminole right now. As long as you are fishing near sand and spawning areas you are gonna be around some fish.  There are several techniques that will catch fish when they are in this stage here are a few of my favorites.  For backwater areas, use a small swim bait that you can swim over the tops of grass and lily pads. A good bait of choice is a 5" Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper in Easy Money color. Rig this on Sunline Braid, a 7' Extra Hvy Magic Pro rod, a Lews Tournament Speed Spool in 7:5 gear ratio, a 1/8 tungsten (with bobber stopper), and a 4/0 Gamakstsu EWG hook.  This bait is good because it will catch bass that are on bed, bass that are swimming around beds, and bass that are guarding fry.  Another good pattern is to fish main lake sandbars. These can be somewhat hard to find if you are not familiar with where they are, especially if the water is stained. A good Depthfinder such as a Lowrance Hds touch makes it much easier to find the sand. Make sure to set your Lowrance to read SHALLOW WATER instead of FRESHWATER. This will allow your transducer to read much better in water less than 5 feet deep. Just use your Lowrance to locate a hard bottom. A good technique is to throw a shallow crankbait such as a Spro Fat John while you're searching for sand. This allows you to feel the bottom and catch fish while you're looking.  Once you find good sand slow down with a Texas rig or c-rig finesse worm. If pepper grass is present then you can swim a jig to catch some big ones. A 3/8 oz Buddha BAits In-seine Swim Jig in Bluegill or Green Pumpkin paired with a 4" Buddha Baits Swag Swimmer in Watermelon Gold is awesome for swimming through the grass and landing the big ones. The jig has a unique head design that allows it to swim straight and the massive hook doesn't allow any flex so this increases the hook to catch ratio. Hopefully these tips will help!

Date: April 28th, 2016

Lake Seminole - full pool, heavy stain, 69 degrees

Bass - Fair. The recent shad spawn on the lake is definitely making the fishing a little better, but with the water still fairly muddy fishing is not as good as it should be.  When looking for a shad spawn, look for topped out vegetation or fish breaking the surface.  When you locate shad, there are several baits that will work. A 3/8 oz Buddha Blade in Ice color, a 3/8 Buddha In-Seine Swim Jig in Crystal Shad, or a 3/8 white Buddha Snooze Alarm Buzzbait will work great.  Buddha Bait Co also offers a whole line of Premium grade rods at an affordable price that are technique specific to fish each of these baits.  You can use a 4.25" white Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper as a trailer for each one of these baits.  It's also a good idea to have a good reel ready such as a Lews Speed Spool that will throw long distances for schooling fish. After the Shad spawn, you can still search for bedding bass in clear backwater areas.  Once you find a bass on bed, a Big Bite Baits Warmouth is hard to beat. While searching for bedders, throw a white Spro Poppin Frog around shallow grass and pads.  As the weather continues to warm look for the fish to start moving out on ledges and grass edges. Use can then use your Lowrance electronics to scan for schools of post spawn bass feeding on Shad.