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2015 Reel Money Team Trail Championship
Oct 4th & 5th - Big Jims Landing - Lake Seminole
1st Place – Terry Stevens / Clint Brown – 40.15 lbs -------------$ Bass Cat Bass Boat
2nd Place – Paul Tyre / Nick Jeter – 31.74 lbs ----------------------$4,000
3rd Place – Berry Gray / Timmy Rowell – 30.21 lbs --------------$2,500
4th Place – Butch Tucker / Allen Burkhalter – 29.06 lbs --------$1,500
5th Place – Clint Meeks / Kim Brown – 27.86 lbs ------------------$1,300
6th Place – Clabion Johns / Stephen McCord – 27.38 lbs -----$1,200
7th Place – Robert Tindall / Rick Tindall – 26.39 lbs --------------$1,100
8th Place – Allen Courtney / Ray Raines – 24.72 lbs -------------$1,000

Lunker Day 1 - Brad Reynolds / Scott Barefoot - 7.00 lbs ------$440
Lunker Day 2 - Matthew Evans / Scott Evans - 7.62 lbs ---------$440
2nd Place
3rd Place
Wes and his family do an awesome job of putting on a great Tournament Trail.  This Championship was top notch.  The Chamber of Commerce fed all of us a BIG Ribeye that was very tasty.  I have not been to Big Jims in many years but it was a neat place to hold a multiple day tournament with a hotel, cabins and restaurant with just about anything you wanted to eat or drink and lots of flat screens.

The weather made for a tough tournament for most of the anglers.  A cold front came in along with wind and a nasty mist of rain for most of both days.

Next years Championship will be at a neutral site,
Lake Guntersville in Alabama. Oct 2nd & 3rd.
Heading out on day 1
First class weigh-in stage
God's Creation
Big Jims
4th Place
5th Place
7th Place
Lunker Day 2
Lunker Day 1
Some other good catches
In the Money!